Our dear men, you know there is something extremely liberating about sex under water that gets your heart beating fast. Maybe, it is the thrill of getting extremely intimate or the mystery of unleashing the immense sexual drive to have sex under water with your partner. Whatever it is, the concept of sex is extremely thrilling and can be intimidating.

There are the possibilities of some minor risks like slipping, hurting yourself, or maybe breaking a law if you are planning to do it in a place where it is forbidden.

But nonetheless, it is the thrill of it that makes it to the bucket list of every man. So if you are passionate about having sex in water, we have brought to you some tips to help you have sex in water and have the time of your life with your partner.

1. When in a shower

For beginners, sex in the shower is good enough to start to kickstart your sex in water journey. Sex in a shower will help you rub your body against your partner creating sexual tension and passion and will be intimate for both of you.

sex in water

Sex in the shower might be difficult to navigate at first because both you and your partner will be standing. It might create a little problem if you and your partner are of different heights. So, the best thing to do will be finding a position closest to the wall. Get it and decide who among you two wants to face the wall and who wants to push against it for support. They can also stand facing you as you both stimulate each other. Ah, remember to buy a bathing mat so that you do not slip.

2. When in a bathtub 

Bathtub sex is a great way of getting physically closer with your partner and is not only for bath bombs and chilling. Bathtubs provide you with the option to sit or lay down while having sex which adds to the overall fun and action. 

To make things more fun and exciting, you and your partner can take turns to go down on each other while you relax and lay down. This can be a great tip to spice things up in the bathtub. Afraid of slipping, take the support of a railing or a raised platform nearby to make sure that you stay in place.

3. When in a pool

 When in a pool, you have all the freedom to move around and explore your partner due to its large size. You and your partner will have more buoyancy in a pool and will have a bigger room for movement both. If the deep end of the pool is a little daunting, head to the shallow end and take advantage of the stairs.

Deep ends of the pool can be intimidating, hence you can make use of the shallow waters or even the staircase according to your preferences. Your or your partner can float on their back while they wrap their legs around their partner’s shoulders. The other partner can go down on them which will allow your partner to stimulate you from the front. 

But, beware of not breaking any rules as this might not be acceptable in all the places. A private pool is a good idea for this as it will give you the much-required privacy as well as prevent you the risk of getting an infection if you were to be in a public pool. 

4. When in an Ocean or lake

Having sex in an ocean or lake is a great idea to feel the exhilarating thrill as well as get saved from the gazes of onlookers. Being one with your partner in the embrace of nature, the water touching your body and the thrill that comes in the ocean or lake is what makes the idea of having sex in an ocean a great option.

It is good to be on a side which has sufficient water to immerse both of you, but not as deep as to drown you. It is advisable to take the help of a floater when having sex in water. Your partner can lay down on the floater while you can be on top of them or even in the water and work your way up to them.

Be careful enough to choose an area that is shallow enough to immerse both of you and protect you from the onlookers. It is advised to choose a protected part of the ocean that projects into a corner and is within a protected area. This ensures that the water will be clean, safe and will not be a storehouse for thousands of parasites.

Now that you know all the good ways you can feel the thrill of sex in water, get your hands on these general tips to elevate the fun-

  • Intercourse isn’t the only option when you are trying to have sex in water. You and your partner might want to try out different techniques that work for you and stick to it. You want to prioritize a good time over the idea of ‘having intercourse’.
  • Chances of your partner getting pregnant in water are very much high. If your partner is trying to prevent pregnancy and thinks that having sex in water can prevent them from getting pregnant, then they are mistaken. Just like on dry land, there are high chances of the sperm getting into their vagina and the chances of the hot water killing it are low. So, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions.
  • Be safe from STDs. There is an equal chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease in water as much it is on land. If you are not aware of your or your partner’s status, stick to using a female or a male condom whichever you guys prefer. It is preferable to get checked for STDs before having sex, no matter on the land or in water.
  • Make sure to indulge in aftercare. Having sex and feeling the pleasure of your life is great but so is aftercare. After having sex in water, pee, clean and hydrate yourself. Enjoy the time of your lives.