Don Draper, the men want to be him, and the women want to be with him. The end of the show Mad Men was the end of an era. In the last 7 years, the ad guru Don Draper has redefined class, style, and of course, masculinity. Here are our 7 Types Of Check Patterns Every Man Should Consider!

Mad Men should not only be credited for being a great show, but it was also groundbreaking on the fashion front. The show ditched the cliche debonair Lothario style and inspired a generation to dress like the swinging ’60s. 

From types of check patterns to a sleek haircut, sunglasses, watches, and swag, Don Draper is a fashion icon and the man every millennial look up to! Men’s wardrobes are usually stuffed with different types of plaids and checks, but they don’t know what these patterns are.

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7 Types Of Check Patterns Every Man Should Consider in his wardrobe

1. Graph check

Graph Check is the simplest and one of the most basic types of check patterns. The graph check is nothing but an evenly spaced grid that is made of thin lines in a single color on a light fabric. Graph check, also known as box check, is called so because of its blatant resemblance to the graph paper.

The graph check is usually very small, about a quarter of an inch, and is incredibly soothing to look at, especially during the summer season. It has a laid-back vibe. If you want graph checkered pattern clothes, go for a light colored fabric, with bright colored grids such as navy blue, red, green, etc. 

2. Gingham

Gingham is one of the staple types of check patterns. The Gingham checkered pattern clothes are distinguished by white and colored even-sized checks. The pattern is formed by vertical or horizontal stripes of the same color that are made to cross each other on a piece of white fabric. 

Gingham has been popular since the mid 18th century and makes a huge comeback every year. A versatile pattern, gingham checks can be worn for multiple occasions, both formal and casual. 

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3. Plaid or Tartan checks

Remember the classic Nick Miller Flannel shirts? This is called the plaid or the tartan checkered patterned clothes. Out of all the different types of plaid and checks, the tartan is the most common and casual. 

Types Of Check Patterns

Interestingly, the tartan has the most complex design. It has bold colorful stripes that are formed by intersecting lines of varying thickness, almost unevenly. While the lockdown has made dressing lazy socially acceptable, the tartan checkered pattern is perfect for casual settings and layering.

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4. Windowpane

The Windowpane is one of the most popular types of check patterns. It is similar to the graph check, only with larger squares. The rectangles in the Windowpane are longer in a vertical sense and are taller rather than wide. This also adds a certain added height and will make you look taller. 

Windowpane checkered pattern clothes have recently made a huge comeback in fashion this year and it’s here to stay. The best color combinations for the Windowpane are blue squares on brown and beige on grey. 

5. Shepherd Check Shirts

Another classic pattern, the shepherd check shirts come with alternating colored stripes that intersect each other to form a check pattern on a twill background. As per as the aesthetic is concerned, the shepherd check is very similar to the gingham, with the only difference being that this one is set against a twill background.

The twill background gives these checkered pattern clothes a distinctive look. Shepherd Check shirts are more suited for formal work environments compared to casual settings.

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6. Tattersall

One of the most complicated types of check patterns is the tattersall pattern. Similar to the basic graph check, the tattersall print consists of two or more different complementary hues. There are endless possibilities and color combinations when it comes to Tattersall. Out of these, our favorites are green and blue, blue and black, and orange and blue.

The lines that are made to intersect and form the tattersall can be of varied thickness, but the size of the squares they form should always be uniform. The Tattersall comes from royalty. It is named after Richard Tattersall who was the groom to the last Duke of Kingston.

The Tattersall is mostly used for shirts and waistcoats and reflects the traditional British country style. 

7. Madras pattern

The Madras pattern is a classic pattern that originated from the southern city of Madras in India. It is similar to the plaid and tartan shirts, but only more colorful and bright. The Madras pattern is formed by uneven big checks that are crisscrossed by thick bands of bright peppy colors. 

While you can wear the Madras pattern shirt as it is if you want to step up your fashion game, use it for layering. Throw a bright patterned madras shirt on an all-white or an all-black ensemble and you will be the life of the party! This is perfect for an evening look!

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Types Of Check Patterns

The bottom line is that different types of check patterns make for a staple part of every man’s wardrobe. And, little knowledge about these different types of plaids and checks will help you dress like a pro! 

With a range of possibilities for checks, you can start building up your wardrobe and dress like Don Draper. Also, don’t forget to carry the Don Draper confidence and swag!

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