Formal wear is one of the most staple corporal wear that is required in all the professional meetings, conferences, etc. However, formal wear becomes stiff and it often becomes difficult to feel comfortable in it.

However, with the formal-casual style inundating most of the fashion trends, the formal wear in the corporate world is also changing. It has been turning into a more comfortable style, in the form of unstructured blazers.  

These unstructured blazers have created a new class of fashion trends. Unlike the corporal suits and blazers, the unstructured blazers are more comfortable and do not have any sharpness around your shoulders. It is a more modern style which keeps you at ease.

What Is An Unstructured Blazer?

An unstructured blazer is a perfect concoction of a formal blazer, cardigan and a jacket. The unstructured blazers are comfortable shirts with a jacket cut, lapels vents and pockets. Unlike the corporal wear, unstructured blazers do not have any shoulder padding or chest canvassing.

They are not well-cut or have a sharp edge, however, due to its comfortable fit that embraces your upper body, it is able to retain the formal look. It is one of the ideal garments which could be worn in summer in particular. Most importantly, as it is more breathable it is travel-friendly and does not cause any unsolicited discomfort.  

They drape around the natural line of the body, giving them a plush yet relaxed fit. However, the key to feel relaxed while wearing it is in the fabric of the unstructured blazers.

Unstructured blazers have been created as a response to the classic jackets from the 90s, which had an excessive amount of shoulder pads, heavy linings and even chest canvases.

Structured Vs Unstructured Blazer:

In comparison to unstructured blazers, the canvas of the blazer is minimized. That is, it does not cover a significant amount of area as it does in a structured blazer. Moreover, it is a bit thinned down

Another notable difference between a structured blazer and unstructured blazer is the absence of jacket lining in the latter. . However, in this contemporary many jackets do not showcase lining. Lining a jacket is generally used to give the blazer a shape, so taking it off and wearing it becomes easier.  The absence of lining in an unstructured blazer makes the blazer more breathable.  

More often than not, there are no or reduced shoulder pads in an unstructured blazer. Be that as it may, shoulder-pads are used in a structured blazer to emanate confidence and poise whereas unstructured blazers are more about comfort and ease.

 Fabric for an unstructured blazer:

Fabric is one of the most crucial and essential things of an unstructured blazer. The appropriate choice for this will be linen. However, while wrapping linen, it can cause the problem of wrinkles. This could be avoided by replacing light linen with heavy woven linen. This could give you a more relaxed and comfortable feel.   

Another fabric which can be perfect restitution for linen is cotton. Although it might give rise to the problem of wrinkles like linen, it greatly drapes around your skin.

The third option can be a jersey providing a good stretch, providing you with a casual shirt. However, a lot of fashion enthusiasts recommend using wool for an unstructured blazer as it is the best option for heavy and comfortable knitwear.

There are some of the top brands which use some of the highly efficient unstructured blazers. One of them is Rubinacci, which is a vanguard in selling an unstructured double-breasted blazer. Others are Arket, Beam Plus, Universal works, Sunspel, Uniqlo, J. Crew, Engineered Garments, Oliver Spencer and so on and so forth.

Now that we know some of the most efficient fabrics used for unstructured blazers, what are some different ways to style men’s unstructured blazers?

How to Wear An Unstructured Blazer?

Obviously, you can style unstructured blazer in many different ways. Hence, here comes the part.There are some different innovative ways to wear an unstructured blazer that is sure to make you look debonair and stylish:

1. Casual:

If you are attending an important meeting but you are also running late for your beach party with your friends, styling your unstructured blazer in a casual manner is the most appropriate option for you.

Unstructured Blazer
Image source: Pinterest

Be it any shade, pattern, color or texture, you can achieve the casual outlook with unstructured blazers with a crew neck t-shirt, dark blue jeans or trousers and pair it with minimalist sneakers or derby shoes. However, if winter has come, then you can style a long cardigan over which can definitely make you look chic.

2. Smart:

One of the most important attributes for an unstructured blazer is its versatility. It can be styled in different ways as per the different occasions and help you achieve whichever look you want.

Unstructured Blazer
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In order to rock this style, pair your blazer with trousers or jeans in separate shades or colors which help in highlighting your unstructured blazer. Moreover, if you want to still style it perfectly, you can use wool fabric or even cotton-blend.

More often than not, your shoes play a major part to upgrade your appearance. It is a make or break element of clothing. Therefore, to achieve a smart look with these unstructured blazers, you can wear standard Oxford or Derby shoes, which will also elevate your clothing style.  

3. Smart-Casual:

It is simply boring to follow the conventions, be it from your hair color to styling your clothes. Adding a bit of color here and there or mixing the formal and informal together is the new modern.

Unstructured Blazer

To achieve this new-modern, you can pair your unstructured blazer with some casual chinos, a crisp polo shirt, and a pair of loafers or probably some white converse shoes. However, make sure that you do not style a tie with this look as it quite stands out from your casual style and it may make it more formal.  

Hope the article helped you with new ways of styling old things. Keep trying!