Virat Kohli drinking water

We are sure a lot of you here are definitely lured by and are a fan of our cricket captain Virat Kohli’s determination, strength, charisma, and personality. Well, we do not blame you, our aggressive captain charms everyone. 

Today, we will discuss a little about his dietary plans, and the great rumour you’ve heard about his spending lakhs a year on his drinking water. Do they hold any substance? Well, read ahead to know all about it.

If you have been following the star captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli, you must have observed that he follows a very strict fitness schedule. We’ve all seen him grow as a player on the cricket field, but he has also gone leaps and bounds to burn that extra body fat. He adopted a vegan diet, and now avoids all kinds of greasy food. Well, now you know, how people have to sacrifice so many things to attain something great in their lives. 

When you look at him, you must have thought at least once that where does this man get all his fitness from, what is his secret. Well, dietary changes are something that everyone works upon when they want to get in shape. Apart from that, this man went a step ahead and changed the water he consumes. When we looked into this, we found out that Virat Kohli imports his drinking water, and the price he pays for it will leave you shocking.

Virat Kohli drinking water: What’s so special?

Our captain only drinks Evian Natural Spring Water. This water is exported mainly from France to all parts of the world. This water is obtained from Evian-Les-Bains, situated on the south shore of Lake Geneva. This lake is shared by both Switzerland and France and is one of the largest lakes in the area of Western Europe. 

Seems that the strictness that Virat Kohli follows on the battlefield, he also maintains it off-field, in his diet, his workout, everything. While Kohli once used to be a voracious foodie with butter chicken and mutton rolls being his favorite food items, the change he has shown me himself and his routine is surprising and commendable. 

The Evian water bottles are used by many top celebrities as well as sportspersons across the globe. Virat is seen to carry sufficient water bottles of Evian along with him wherever he goes, since this water is not available everywhere. 

Virat Kohli drinking water price

The water of the Evian brand is 100% natural, with greater proportions of nutrients like calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. the brand is the worldwide leader in natural mineral water and is quite popular among great health experts, sportspersons who are very concerned about their health and their intakes, celebrities, etc. the brand has been serving needs of mineral water across the world for 25 years now, with its main focus as a water resource, carbon, and plastic. 

In India, a single water bottle of Evian Natural Spring water, with a quantity of 1 liter, is available at Rs. 600/-. If you are interested to know how much our captain spends on his water, let us do some basic math here.

Since Kohli is highly concerned about his health and physique, which includes drinking an adequate amount of water, let us assume that his daily consumption of water is around 2 liters. 600*2=1200, which is the money he spends on the water in one day. Now, by multiplying this amount by the number of days in a year, we can get the amount Virat Kohli spends on the water in one year. 1200*365= Rs. 4,38,000. Well, you can see it before yourself. After all, the rumors that you have heard about our captain spending 4 lakh a year on the water, aren’t all that wrong. 

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Now, apart from the level of perfection, you see that the captain strives to achieve on the cricket field, you must now know that he is after perfection in everything that he does. 

About Evian Natural Water

Virat Kohli drinking water
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Evian Water has its roots in the Ice Age, almost 50,000 years ago, in the lake of Evian-Les-Bains. The rain and snowfall in the catchment area of the plateau of Gavot, the precious drops acquiring their unique mineral composition during a 15-year-long journey through the rocks before being bottled at the source.

What is so special about it?

While reading this article, one thought that would have obviously crossed your mind is why exactly is this water so costly? After all, it’s just water, what’s the difference between this and normal water? To answer this, let us look at some special features of this brand of mineral water.

Evian water, being hard water, can quickly satisfy your thirst. It is neutral in its pH, which ranges from 7 to 7.2. 

Nutrient value:

  • Nitrate – 3.8 mg/l
  • Calcium- 78 mg/l
  • Sodium- 5 mg/l
  • Potassium- 1 mg/l
  • Magnesium- 24 mg/l
  • Bicarbonate- 357 mg/l
  • Chloride- 5 mg/l
  • Sulfate- 10 mg/l

Well, in short, Evian is definitely one of the most natural waters one can drink. Since tap water and even purified water, today is mostly not good, and most brands in the market also offer processed and artificial water, Evian is surely a treat to those who want to drink healthy and pure. 

Moreover, Evian does not use normal plastic to manufacture its water bottles. Evian water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is the most recyclable bottle in the world. This also adds to the cost of the Evian natural water bottles. 

Apart from the high amount of nutrients and purity, Evian water is also known for improving the quality of the skin as well as keeping depression in check. It is also known to reduce weight among its drinkers. 

So, this is all about Evian water and its benefits. By now, you know that our star Captain doesn’t compromise with anything, and he chooses only the best for himself, be that a thing as common as water for us.