With the advancement of age, men often cease to play outdoors and resort to a more sedentary life, be it binge-watching Netflix, sitting in front of the computer throughout the day or just passing your day in utter boredom. Do you want to reclaim your lost youth and want to be a playful man again?

Believe it or not, playing outdoors is extremely important for maintaining physical as well as mental health. When was the last time you got with your friends and played? You might think that you don’t have enough time in a day because your work or other priorities take up most of it. However, you need to realise that work is just one facet of life. It should not take up the majority of your day and cause more harm to you than you can handle. 

With that said, there is yet another impediment that obstructs adult men to step out of their house and play. This impediment is a little heavy to overthrow as it is made up of the infamous societal conventions where you are expected to play the latest video games or binge-watch the latest series. Playing is just outdated and old

Be that as it may, a playful man is one of those whose body and mind are physically sound and fit no matter what. In addition, it’s easy to want to be a playful man because playfulness helps in enriching your creativity, ameliorating your mood, prevents burnout and also improves your physical health. 

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Want To Be A Playful Man?

You will seldom see a grown-up man who is also playful because, with the advancement of age, your attention is often hooked by various responsibilities and distractions which may or may not be necessary for your life. Once you fall out of this playful habit, you become more associated with the material world and its objects. 

Want To Be A Playful Man

In addition, sometimes an adult would want to be a playful man, but he doesn’t quite know what to play. In contrast, children can play whatever they feel like. A game of hiding and seek, street cricket, etc. works just well for them. However, on the other side of the coin, what should the adults play? Is there any predetermined norm to this that the playful man should be aware of?

The only answer to this conundrum can be drawn from the man’s personal choice. You can play whatever you feel like with your friends. Playfulness is also about enjoying yourself at the present moment, without mulling over the pending tasks or the societal conventions. 

Here’s why you should want to be a playful man

Playfulness is a habit that you acquire after investing consistent efforts, especially after your middle ages. Once you get habituated with it, you will soon feel the transformation in your life. It will help you to elevate your mood and get your physical as well as mental health in order. 

More often than not, when you hit the rock bottom of your life, you feel nothing and you don’t wish to do anything. However, resist this urge of doing nothing and get up. Go out of your house and maybe just ramble through the streets of your city at night or maybe ride your bike. You can also hit the gym with your friends or exercise in your house. 

Any of the above-mentioned exercises will work for you, provided you invest some time and effort in it. For some time, you might feel that being in a rut is easier than doing something. That’s because the rut has become your comfort zone and no matter how much it robs you of your life, you will want to stay there. Therefore, resist this urge and consistently try to be a playful man. 

If nothing, just dance in your room while the music is blaring in your room. Or grab the opportunity to do something silly. Jump on the trampolines, sing loudly (doesn’t matter if you are a pathetic singer). The key is to do something. 

Physical activity done out of pure pleasure consistently throughout a period will certainly stimulate your confidence and make you more focused on whatever you do. This is why a playful man draws the attention of the public with his confidence, charm and charisma.  

What does the research have to say about this?

According to the research conducted by the experts in Martin Luther Universitat Halle Wittenberg who collaborated with the University of Zurich in Switzerland and Pennsylvania State University, it was discovered that a playful man consciously focuses his attention on his inner child and innocence and uses it as a tool more often than not. 

This bolsters the stimulation of positive emotions which helps in ameliorating his mood. This study was later published in the ‘Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being’ journal in August 2020. 

Meet any playful man and you will realise that he will turn any boring day into an enthusiastic and exciting one. This is the reason why a skin colour of a playful man would always have a pinkish undertone or blush to it because they are always excited and ready to deal with any sort of situation.

Do you want to be a playful man?

Although there are no preconceived forms of physical activities that you have to do to be a perfect sort of a playful man, there are certain exciting physical activities that you can try out with your friends and family.

These include playing lego blocks, rambling in a public park with your friends or playing Frisbee with your children, playing with your pets, singing loudly in your room, dancing wildly with the music blaring, take up a fitness challenge and try to achieve it, visit a zoo or a theme park, etc.

These are some of the physical activities that guarantee fun no matter what. So, what are you waiting for? Get your lazy ass out of your bed and play! 

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