Adding final touches to your dressing is as crucial as the outfit itself. The neatness in details is an art as much as dressing yourself with style is. The perfection to wear cufflinks with class is an art that not everyone excels in. Minute detailing in your dressing style or even your hairstyle makes a great first impression of you in the minds of others. As it is rightly said that a man is identified by his shoes. Hence, it does not matter enough about how much or how neatly you have dressed up if you are not wearing shoes neatly, like a gentleman.  

The same is with accessories you put while you dress up. They might be smaller in size, but form a larger part of your entire outfit, regardless of their size. Cufflinks are one such accessory that needs to be paid enough attention, for two major reasons:

  • It is not worn often as it quite formal and classy,
  • And if it is worn, the neatness and the design is oftentimes overlooked due to the minuteness of design, texture and its overall structure. 

But, one must always remember the position of where you put on cufflinks ie- where it sits on your outfit, i.e, on the cuffs of your shirt sleeves, linking or joining both of them together. Hence the name, cufflinks. 

Linking the cuffs could be done with a simple button of any normal, regular fastening pin, but to add chutzpah and royalty to the outfits, cufflinks came with the unique design and sophistication. This is the reason why it becomes of vital importance as to why one should wear it in a proper way with paying considerable attention. 

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A detailed  look on cufflinks

Before we move on to how to wear and put on cufflinks, it is important that we get acquainted with the various parts of cufflinks in order to know how it works which eventually will make styling easier and more perfect than before. 

The cufflink fastens itself to the shirt by going into the buttonhole and securing itself and the two cuffs with the help of the toggle. Toggle is the end part of the cufflink that remains out under the second sleeve of your shirt. 

The two slide posts are those parts of the cufflink that slide in through the sleeves, the long slim metal joining the front face and the toggle when you wear cufflinks, further secured by the free end. 

The different types of cufflinks 

As they have numerous variations, it becomes easy to style them with formal and semi-formal outfits. A proper knowledge and guide to different types of cufflinks can make you a number-one enthusiast of cufflinks. With a little effort, cufflinks can add glam and class to the outfit, which makes a reasonable excuse to buy as many as you should. 

Here are the most common types of cufflinks that are available: 

  • The bullet back closure cufflinks

One of the best kinds of cufflinks and the most commonly used one. The closing, free end is a round solid metal shaped like a bullet, similar to the front face of the cufflink. These are easy to fasten which makes them most common of all and easy to use. The bullet has to be flipped through an angle of 90 degrees which fastens the cuffs. 

  • The whale back closure cufflinks 
Courtesy: Otaa

These function the same as the bullet back cufflinks, the only difference being the closure structure. Unlike the bullet back cufflinks. Unlike the bullet back cufflinks, the whale back cufflinks’ closure is shaped like a whale tail. These are also known as the whale tail cufflinks and swivel cufflinks. 

  • The stud and button cufflinks

These are usually worn for formal events because of their simplicity and sophistication. Even though they take more time fastening because of the unique design and the neatness of cuffs, they are still preferred over other cufflinks to wear at formal events. 

It consists of two buttons, the front makes the larger button and the toggle makes the smaller button. Both these buttons are connected with a meta or a heavy thread. 

  • The chain link cufflinks

This is a different cufflink style from those mentioned above. The two cufflinks that are identical and have the same size, are connected with each other via a chain. One end of the chain is a fastener and the other end is the front. This fastening chain link cufflinks provide is quite loose, but looks quite aesthetic as both the ends are identical. 

  • The locking cufflink

This is a very innovative style among all the types of the cufflinks seen till now. The closing mechanism is similar to a watch or the bracelet. This is a very easy and a fast way to wear cufflinks. 

  • The knotted cufflinks
wear cufflinks

These fall under the formal category of cufflinks. They resemble entirely the chain link cufflinks but differ in the material. Also, these are less durable but they come in a variety of colours, hence, enjoy an upper-hand than the rest of the cufflinks. 

The front is made of yarn or silk which is connected by a soft chord. This suits best for informal occasions. 

  • The fabric cufflinks

Any of the above cufflinks can become a fabric cufflink if it has a front head made of fabric. This sits very well when you have to match the cufflink with the suit or the dress. 

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How to wear and put on cufflinks?

Now that we have known about the types of cufflinks, the second doubt that still remains is how to wear cufflinks. Follow these steps and make cufflinking easier and neater than before.

The cufflinks are usually worn with shirts that have a french cuff or the double cuff, but it can be worn with a single cuff, too.

  1. Fold the shirt’s cuff with an extended arm as it will make sure that there are no folds left and cuffs come out neat. 

If you want to wear a cufflink on a single cuff, then you don’t need to follow this step. 

  1. Insert the cufflink into the buttonhole and make sure you don’t form any folds and creases. 
  1. Make sure the post is inserted into both the buttonholes. 
  1.  Secure the other with help of the fastener given on the other end. 

And you are done attaching cufflinks and giving a final touch to your shirt. You can wear cufflinks almost anywhere. Even though most men wear to formal business settings, casual cufflinks, like the knotted ones, are made for informal occasions. 

So, add a new fashion statement to your styling now.