We’ve all heard the idiom soft as velvet, and if you have ever felt velvet, you understand the high reputation of the fabric. Moreover, the fabric has such a royal look to it because of its thickness and the shine it carries. These qualities really make you wish that at least a couple of the items in your wardrobe were made of velvet. 

Despite this, there are very few people who actually own and wear velvet. And the reason for this can be first, its cost, and secondly, that it seems like a task to pair them up with other fabrics.

We personally think that it is easier to build an outfit around a velvet piece of clothing, rather than trying to fit it in with other existing combinations. So, here are some tips for wearing velvet and maybe next time someone has a query about how to wear velvet, you can be the one answering it!

How to wear velvet blazer?

wear velvet

A velvet blazer is probably the most common velvet item of clothing owned by people. This can be because it is a little easier to style compared to other velvet items. 

Since velvet is such a statement fabric, we recommend that you keep the other items in the outfit pretty simple and mundane. This is one of the tips for wearing velvet. This is because if you add another statement item in your outfit, the look might end up looking a little gaudy. 

We suggest you keep the bottom black. And as for the shirt or tee inside, go with colours or patterns that match the colour of the velvet blazer. This will keep your top portion cohesive. Another way of keeping your velvet blazer outfit sober is to wear it over a monochromatic set of bottom and top. This would be black pants with a black shirt or tee, or any colour you think goes well with your blazer.

However, if it’s a velvet jacket and pant set, then this will not be an issue because the material and colour of the two will be coherent and you’ll just need to wear it with a complimentary shirt or tee.  

If your velvet blazer is black or in a colour close to black, like navy blue or brown or dark olive, etc., you can make it work like you would wear any regular black coat. 

How to wear velvet pants?

Probably the second most common velvet item of clothing used after the velvet blazer, styling velvet pants can be quite easy if you figure some simple rules about fabrics, their texture and adjusting them according to what vibe you want to go for. 

Styling velvet pants is quite similar to styling corduroy pants, which most of us are more familiar with and some have probably even tried their share of experimentation with them. 

As mentioned for the velvet blazer, a velvet pant too is a statement piece and you would usually want to mute the other components of your outfit of that day. The easiest way to do so is to pair it with velvet pants on a black or a white shirt. This is because these are the most basic and easiest colours in terms of availability and being the extreme ends of the colour palette, these two colours do not interfere with the other colours and go well with them all. But this does not mean you can’t experiment. Try on different tops and see what pleases your senses.

And if the velvet pants are a part of a velvet set, then style the set with any shirt or tee you think will work in the combination. 

How to wear velvet tee or shirt?

Styling a velvet tee or velvet shirt can be easier than one would think. For a velvet tee, the simplest way to wear it would be to pair it with a pair of black pants. In order to add more layers to your outfit, you can wear a jacket or coat that is either of similar colour and of a similar fabric to your pants. Wear your velvet shirt the same way too.

A very safe option is black pants with a black coat or jacket. These will go well with any velvet tee or shirt you own. A more outgoing way could be pairing your velvet tee with a set of pieces of denim. But if you wish to stand out from the crowd and create your own independent style of fashion, we encourage you to look at more tips for wearing velvet online. This way you will learn better and be able to make combinations that represent you and your fashion style. 

How to wear velvet shoes?

wear velvet

A great way of incorporating velvet into your outfit without making a huge deal about it is by adding velvet fabric shoes to your ensemble. The shoe style can be according to your preference and what the look of the rest of the outfit is. 

But a huge problem with velvet shoes is that they can get dirty quite easily, and so you have to really make sure that the places and events you are wearing them to are appropriate and will be able to keep these high maintenance shoes of yours safe. Darker colours like black, grey or brown might be the options you would have to worry a little less about the dirt, this is another of the tips for wearing velvet.

Though, here is a link to help you with cleaning your velvety shoes so that you don’t have to limit their use just because you’re too worried about getting dirt on them. 

How to wear velvet hats or caps or headpieces?

Velvet headpieces are probably the easiest to style because you can put them on over any outfit. But our tip for this piece of fashion would be to try to pair them with the general colour scheme of your outfit, as it would make the whole ensemble cohesive and not just random pieces put together in haste. 

These are just a few of the ways you can wear velvet and incorporate this beautiful fabric in your outfits. Some even suggest adding velvet bags or skirts to their outfits. So, keep experimenting and find your style!