When every outfit has been compartmentalised for specific events, it becomes difficult to make innovations, additions or omissions from it. It turns into a regular idea, more like the school uniform: neat but charmless.

One such outfit is the suits. The formal suits that men wear at almost every celebratory event. A very dashing yet a very cliche idea. Every man at any small or big event will be in a full suit. Men, get back your looks! Try what you think and create a unique style. 

Ever thought about wearing a suit without a tie? Yes, the tie is an essential part of the suit, but no one made that rule. Wearing a suit without a tie isn’t an incomplete look, rather it will make your suit stand out in front of other men. Come have a brief look at how you can wear a suit without a tie!

What are the parts of men’s suit? 

Men’s suits come in different parts depending on the style they are wearing or going for. But, if we broadly categorise and see the common and purportedly essential items of clothing in men’s suit are

  • Suit jacket
  • Trousers
  • Dress shirt
  • Tie 
  • Waistcoat

As we have seen that tie forms an essential part of men’s suit, it is quite difficult for the men that look for styling and modifications or the men who ruminate about the possibility or acceptability of modifying or choosing to wear a suit without a tie. 

Wearing a suit without a tie: A change from formal to informal?

When you wear a suit without a tie either you end up getting a completely formal and a playful look or you give formal yet a quite relaxed look. Moving forward, not much has to be done when you decide to wear your suit without a tie. It means you have already loosened yourself a little bit and will go for more styling. 

But if you are still not sure about how to wear suit without a tie, go and watch James Bond. You are most probably never going to wear a suit with a tie thereon. If anything one must learn from James Bond’s suit without a tie is the aura, the attitude and the confidence are the only things that matter to make any outfit. You might put a whole new classy suit, but if you lack that spark, it is worthless. 

In the end, it is not necessary that putting the tie off from the suit will make it completely informal. No, that is not the case. It will just spice up the formal game for men’s suits. 

Level up with your suit game

Now that we’ve moved forward with the suit-tie debate, we can discuss why and how to wear suit without a tie. There are many ways to wear a suit without a tie, and the styling takes control of the question ‘how?’. 

suit without a tie

There are many things to consider before you remove the tie and wear your suit without. There might be occasions or events you want to know where you can wear a suit without a tie. Others might look for different ways to wear suit without a tie.

Places where you can wear suit without a tie

It can be quite puzzling to decide on an event where you can go for this style. You are somewhere in between of not looking too formal or going completely informal. The dilemma and the fear of both end up restricting you from trying anything new. 

Here are certain events sorted that can help you acquaint with the airs of where to go with this styling. 

  • A beach wedding or any regular wedding can be a perfect idea to suit up informally. Relax and chill with the semi-formal wedding looks. 
  • A date night with your beau in aesthetic surroundings will adorn your look and spice up your date. This is a sheer opportunity where you ca flawlessly dress to impress your lover. 
  • An evening out with your colleagues or new friends. A get-together at a café would be a nice chance to get into this style. Do not go for suits at night-outs with your friends as it seems out of place and fashion, too. 
  • Any casual or a meet and greet event where your work and personal life seems coming together. 

How to wear suit without a tie? 

Now comes the crucial part of any question: How? There are different styles, but all of them have certain basic and common things to be kept in mind before you try any new style from the suit family. Here, when you want to be between formal and informal, you need to consider things that you can keep and the things that you can changes.  

  • Pay attention to your shirt: 

The shirt might be inside the suit, but it is as important as the suit. If you want an informal look, the first thing to be done is to wear an informal shirt. Go for a casual shirt or t-shirt. Wear a v-neck or a round neck shirt. For t-shirts, go for a more relaxed or a printed texture. Also, you can go easy on the buttons, too.

You don’t need button-up the suit at all and end up giving yourself a formal look. Undo the buttons of the coat and your shirt two. In case of coat, undo at least one, if not all. 

  • Then comes the collar:

 What will the collar do without a tie? It becomes more important and visible as the tie is out the game. Mind it and either make under the coat and set, so that it doesn’t run and looks incongruous. Iron the collar properly if you want it to stand out. 

  • Add more bling: 

Wear some accessories with the minimal informal look. A lapel pin, a watch or a square-folded pocket square. 

Apart from these, you can even make changes to suit coat. Try a printed or a checkered style or a fabric that is more relaxed than the one that stands stiff. You can even wear colourful socks or sneakers instead of shoes with a suit. There are many ways you can style and experiment with your suit and get a unique look.