Jeans, chinos or any types of denim are seen to undergo a lot of styling to make it look funkier because we know it never goes out of fashion. Styling can come in any form, like painting your denim jacket or giving it a subtle hint of embroidery. With jeans, we have new ideas and styles from ripped and distressed to repaired styles and also learning how to custom-make your distressed jeans at home.

Now let us introduce you to a little yet a detailed guide to pinroll jeans. Pinrolling is not a new style but as all other styles trace its origin to a grand history. It has been adopted and renovated in contemporary fashion styling and is quite a hit. The simplicity and the minuteness of pinroll jeans create a pretty big impact on your entire outfit and your personality. 

With this, it becomes important to learn how to pinroll your jeans the right way and the rules regarding the same. 

What is pinrolling?

The difference between cuffing and pinrolling is mostly overlooked, but they both differ in their styles and the final outcomes. While cuffing is made of broad folds in the jeans, pinrolling is about rolling up your jeans to shorten its length and add style to your outfit. It tapers your jeans towards the end thereby, giving a new fit to your jeans. In cuffing, the overall fit of jeans doesn’t change as in when you pinroll jeans. 

Pin rolling dates back to the late 90s and was initially called as pegging in that era. Like rolling up the shirt sleeves became a trend in the suburbs of the working-class boys who wore jeans of their elders before they went for work. Due to the length issue, pinrolling jeans was the only option to fit into them. Earlier what was just a surviving technique is now turned into a fashion trend and style outfit.

What else can you pin roll? 

You can not only pin roll jeans but other outfits, too, like chinos, loose pyjamas, trousers etc. Avoid pin rolling your suit pants or any other formal pants as it disturbs the creases and the fall of the outfit. But, no one makes the rules. You can try and experiment with it and who knows it might turn better. 

Chinos when pinrolled give the most informal and a casual look, making it a perfect outfit for your beach day. Also, the availability of colours in chinos makes it more wanted for casual meetings and occasions. 

Wearing pinroll jeans

Trousers and pyjamas can be pinrolled all way and paired with some denim or a formal shirt. Thus, giving you a semi-formal look for the events that you are confused about what to dress. 

With jeans, you have a lot of options. The reason why jeans enjoy an upper hand is because of its fits and styles that keep coming up every day. You don’t have to think twice before you wear jeans. It gives you an easiness as it transgresses the boundaries of formal and informal dressing. 

As winters are here, it’s time again to show off your socks and the boots that usually get covered up in the jeans. Pin rolling saves you from covering them up, and let you exude a sophisticated appearance during winters. 

How to pinroll your jeans? 

As in rolling up your sleeves, you take extreme care about maintaining the neatness to make it look modish, similarly when you pinroll jeans you have to keep an eye out for the neatness and the style too. Traditionally, pinrolling is aimed at tapering the end of your jeans and giving it a narrow look from the bottom, but the styling can differ on how you decide to pin roll your jeans and of what style is your jeans is as it slims down your jeans form the down. The jeans but not be skin-tight because then the pinrolling can’t happen. 

Here is how to pinroll your jeans: 

  • Wear your jeans of any fit and stand straight to free your jeans from any sort of folds. 
  • Start with one leg. Take one end of the fabric and fold the fabric to the back and pull it tighter around the ankle. 
  • Now, from where you pulled it tighter, fold it until the entire leg is cuffed and pull it upwards. 
  • Then, make another roll. Grab the cuff, male it tighter and do the second step once again. 
  • Repeat the step once again if you want another fold, else you can leave it here and you have pinrolled your jeans. 

You must pay heed to the evenness and the size of the cuffs. They must neither be too heavy nor too uneven. 

Things to remember before you pinroll your jeans 

Pinrolling jeans is easy, but that doesn’t mean it can go with any outfit. There are certain things to consider and kept in mind before you pinroll jeans. Here are some do’s and don’t to pinroling jeans. 

  • Two kinds of jeans fit that don’t pinroll 

If your jeans are too long, don’t go for this style. With long jeans, you end up having bulky cuffs that ruin the look of the outfit. 

Secondly, if you have skinny jeans, you don’t have do go for this style either. They are already in shape and pinrolling them would be a mess. 

  • Take care of your shoes

Pinroll only when you think your footwear is appropriate and is worth showing off. Avoid this style if you shoes or boots do not shine or worn off. 

  • The size of the cuff

The size of the cuff after pinrolling is the most important thing. If it doesn’t come alright, undo it then and there. The size of the cuff must not be bulky. Two or three folds are enough while pinrolling the jeans

The second is the neatness of the cuff. If it is not neat and the hems are showing, it isn’t worth it. The cuffs must always come neatly so that you have a tapering end.

  • Don’t make it too loose

The cuff while you pinroll your jeans must not be loose at all. The tighter, the better. A tight cuff imparts the best look, but a loosened one defeats the purpose. 

Pinrolling usually goes with casual environments, and sometimes for semi-formal events, too. Try pinrolling chinos in a semi-formal setting instead of jeans.