A broad variety of symptoms, including pain, exhaustion, and more, can be caused by chronic health conditions. As a therapeutic option, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been used to help relieve the effects of both of these disorders. A newer form of PEMF therapy that may also be useful for these conditions is bio-electromagnetic energy regulation (BEMER) therapy. The treatment is provided by medical devices developed by the BEMER company.

We will discuss what BEMER therapy is in this post, what the literature suggests about this method of PEMF therapy, and other valuable knowledge about this therapeutic device that you might want to hear about.

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What is BEMER therapy? 

To relax the muscles and improve blood pressure, BEMER therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic waves. It was initially introduced in 1998 as a form of physical vascular therapy by the BEMER Group.

BEMER treatment, such as a portable applicator or full-sized pad, is delivered by a device. The unit applies a low-energy pulsed magnetic field to your muscles and tissues during a therapy session.

Based on the care plan, the strength of the magnetic field will be changed.

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Is BEMER therapy successful?

Although further testing is needed to evaluate the efficacy of BEMER therapy, there are some positive findings from studies conducted so far as under;

  1. Chronic pain in the lower back

Researchers examined the efficacy of BEMER therapy in participants with chronic lower back pain in a new placebo-controlled trial.

To obtain either exercise with a BEMER machine, or exercise with a placebo device, test subjects were randomized.

For the management of chronic low back pain and osteoarthritis pain, recent studies from 2015 also used BEMER therapy. Participants were given either physiotherapy followed by BEMER treatment or placebo treatment followed by physiotherapy.

BEMER Therapy

BEMER treatment decreased pain scores and general fatigue levels in the short term for chronic low back pain participants. The researchers, however, point out that there was no data to prove the efficacy of long-term BEMER treatment in chronic low back pain.

  1. Myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPDS)

The efficacy of BEMER therapy as an additional therapeutic choice for MPDS has been evaluated in recent preliminary studies.

Researchers broke 40 patients into two care units lasting 8 weeks. One group received medicines for pain, while the other group received medicines for pain combined with BEMER treatment.

The findings showed that both a substantial improvement in mean mouth opening scores and a reduction in subjective pain scores were experienced by the BEMER therapy sample.

While BEMER therapy has not been used alone, this study indicates that for this disease it can be an efficient adjunct procedure.

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  1. Complex regional pain syndrome type I (CRPS-I)

BEMER Therapy Study as a new therapeutic choice to reduce CRPS-I symptoms. The 30 patients obtained either BEMER therapy recovery or placebo therapy rehabilitation.

In the BEMER therapy group, patients demonstrated greater short-term pain relief and cognitive progress at the end of a 10-day cycle.

This supports the idea that BEMER therapy can contribute positively to possible treatments for chronic pain disorders, research on MPDS.

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  1. Cancer

The 2016 study applied BEMER therapy to multiple types of cultures of cancer cells. The main results included improvements in the metabolism of cancer cells and radiation exposure.

A decrease in metabolic markers was seen for cancer cells exposed to BEMER therapy, possibly suggesting decreased growth. Besides, upon BEMER exposure, lung, head and neck, and pancreatic cancer cells displayed improved radiosensitivity.

The advantages of electromagnetic field (EMF) therapy for cancer has been addressed.  However, with a comparatively recent type of PEMF being BEMER therapy, further research is still needed.

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  1. Fibromyalgia

In individuals with fibromyalgia research from 2018 studied the efficacy of a BEMER machine on pain and stiffness. BEMER therapy was given to a total of 108 patients for 12 weeks, followed by equivalent placebo therapy for an additional 12 weeks.

Initially, with the BEMER unit, the findings showed a decline in both pain and stiffness ratings. However, for the placebo system, a similar reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms was also observed, with no substantial difference between the two.

While research has indicated the possible use of PEMF therapy for fibromyalgia, there is still inadequate research on the efficacy of BEMER therapy for this use.

  1. Osteoarthritis (OA)

In 2015, a study followed 50 participants with knee OA that, after 3 weeks of physiotherapy, were given either BEMER therapy or placebo therapy. Participants have not been told what treatment they have got.

What Is BEMER Therapy

In the short term, low-level BEMER therapy did not appear to be successful for knee OA, researchers found. In later weeks, however, a decrease in both pain and exhaustion ratings was noted. The long-term effects of BEMER therapy for OA may suggest this.

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Are there any possible BEMER therapy side effects?

BEMER therapy did not show any adverse effects on patients in nearly all of the above-mentioned studies. This indicates that a healthy treatment choice with almost no side effects is BEMER therapy.

Still, further studies help decide whether BEMER therapy is associated with some short-term or long-term side effects.

How much does it cost for BEMER therapy?

Sadly, since BEMER therapy testing is limited, it is not expected to be covered by insurers. However, health coverage eventually determines the option to cover BEMER therapy and all other PEMF therapy.

Generally, you would be liable for any expenses involved with your services if you are given BEMER counseling in a doctor’s office. This can entail copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles that you owe for your stay, as well as the costs of care.

You’ll have to pay the full amount for a BEMER machine if you plan to perform BEMER therapy at home. BEMER systems can be ordered at this time only from accredited BEMER distributors.

The BEMER Pro-Set GO begins at $4,490., which includes a handheld version of the BEMER system and numerous accessories.

What’s the difference between BEMER therapy and PEMF therapy?

The general term for any form of therapy that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields is PEMF therapy. PEMF treatment requires electromagnetic therapy at both low and high energy, with different intensities.

A form of PEMF therapy that is both low frequency and low intensity is BEMER therapy. BEMER therapy is usually gentler than other types of PEMF therapy. However, at BEMER therapy stages, certain PEMF therapy will potentially be performed.


What Is BEMER Therapy

BEMER therapy is a comparatively recent form of PEMF therapy that is potentially effective in the treatment of health problems such as low back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

While these forms of disorders have several therapeutic choices, BEMER therapy is a safe treatment choice with almost no side effects.

For more information about how to get started with BEMER therapy for your disorder, call your doctor.