Sex is one of the best ways to relieve stress and also one of the best ways to express your love and affection the person you like. However, what happens when your only tool does not work? Consider this situation.

Finally, after investing a lot of effort and time, you convinced your beautiful date to come to your house. But then you realized that you had one too many drinks and all your dick wants to do is to go and sleep for a while.

It’s a paradox, isn’t it? You drink alcohol to gain confidence and invite a girl at your house to spend a perfect night, but suddenly it decides to ditch you and makes your little fellow sleep. Well, this is not new and you are not alone. This thing has a name called, Whiskey Dick and it is very much real.

Whisky Dick is still a colloquial term; technically it is known as alcohol-related erectile dysfunction. Once you get a whiskey dick, it becomes difficult to transit to your original or sober self. However, the appellation has whiskey in it, erectile dysfunction occurs even with other drinks. Even with the wine which has plant-based nutrients that can improve your health.

Here is a detailed explanation of the same.

What is a whiskey dick?

Whiskey Dick

To be aroused during the process of sexual intercourse is complex and not that easy as it looks. Sexual arousal is preliminarily aided with the help of concentration. Next, your brain sends a stimulus to your penis, through your blood vessels which need to relax.

However, in order for this process to work entirely, hydration is a prerequisite. You need to stay hydrated for your brain cells to send signals to your penis and your blood vessels to relax. However, hydration is not possible when you drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

Not only that, being inebriated impedes your focus and gradually shuts down your nervous system which makes it difficult for your blood vessels to relax. Moreover, when you drink alcohol, you are dehydrating your body and losing lots of volume of water.

Be that as it may, you are not alone to experience this thing, guys as well as women, face a similar situation. Alcohol also affects women negatively, which hinders their sexual arousal, which makes it difficult for them to reach the climax.

More often than not, it is believed that consistent drinking for years can also lead whiskey dick to be a frequent occurrence. This can impede your ability to get pregnant and lead you with infertility issues. It can permanently impact erection and some hormonal imbalance problems which can lead to erectile dysfunction, reduced libido and premature ejaculation.

When should you consult a doctor?

If it happens just for one time, then it is probably caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, if it continues for a prolonged period then, it is essential to talk to your partner and get some professional therapy.   

Sometimes, men find it difficult to get hard due to their performance anxiety issues which impede them from achieving a satisfying experience from the intercourse. Other times, low sexual libido also has a role to play from preventing your erection.

Whiskey Dick

Moreover, if you have a hard time getting hard without drinking any shots, then it is probably best to consult a doctor. On the other hand, if your penis is finding it difficult to be erect even with a bit of ooze, there might be some health issues playing their role here. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor.

Now, let’s consider the bigger question here.

How to fix whiskey dick?

Unfortunately, there is no specific rule of thumb to drink a specific number of shots in order to avoid whiskey dick. However, one thing that you can do to prevent your dick from sleeping is drinking less in comparison to what you drink normally.

Enjoy the natural bliss you feel when you drink two or three shots and control yourself from drinking any more. Therefore, these two or three shots will get you pumped enough for the night, so asking a girl to spend the night at your house wouldn’t be a stressful situation anymore.

Next, when you have one too many drinks without any sort of realization and find your dick not acting according to your command, you can take pills such as Viagra, Cialis and Stendra. However, the pills will not make it easier for you to achieve the climax because your blood does not have any enough nitric oxide.

What to do while experiencing whiskey dick?

1.       Accept it:

This is probably one of the hardest things to realize but once you get your whiskey dick, it is extremely difficult for you to get an erection. No matter how much you try to turn yourself on or stimulate yourself through various ways, your penis will not wake up. Therefore, the only plausible solution right here is to go to sleep. Although this will ruin your super-hot date night plans, you can still plan a hot session for you and your partner the next morning.

2.       Try and sober yourself up:

Whiskey Dick

Although certain sobering tricks do not work on men, it is essential to try some of them and not regret later. For instance, you can try drinking coffee or have a cold shower to get at least some amount of alcohol content out of your body.

3.       Explore other options:

Just because your little fellow is not in the mood of providing you with joy, does not mean you cannot completely enjoy the night. This is a great opportunity for you to try your other sex skills such as oral skills.

No matter how tormenting an episode of whiskey dick is, it is advisable to not panic during such situations. Under these circumstances, a bit of teamwork will work wonders for both the parties. Apart from alcohol causing a whiskey dick, it can cause other severe problems such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is extremely advisable to drink in moderation.