With a lighter crescent shape at the bottom of the nail known as the lunula, both fingernails and the toenails are typically pale pink, White spots on nails can occasionally appear on the nail. If this occurs, it’s known as punctate leukonychia. There are a variety of forms of leukonychia.

What is leukonychia? 

Total leukonychia refers to a disorder where the entire nail layer is fully white.

The other form is partial leukonychia. There are three major forms of partial leukonychia:

  • Punctate leukonychia, which is described as tiny white spots.
  • Longitudinal leukonychia, which is portrayed as a white line down the nail.
  • Striate or transverse leukonychia, where one or two horizontal lines appear around the nail, parallel to the lunule. This is often referred to as the Mees lines.

Patches of white skin, known as leukoderma, under the nail may also give the appearance of partial leukonychia.

Leukonychia may be classified into two other forms – real or obvious:

When the white spot or line is caused by nail injury, the disease is known as true leukonychia. For real leukonychia, white areas remain untouched while they are under strain. These areas are going to develop as the nail does.

Apparent leukonychia happens where the bed under the nail is disturbed. In the case of obvious leukonychia, the nail bed changes the colour of the nail layer. It reduces or falls under strain and does not expand out of the nail.

Anybody can have white nails, no matter their identity, age, or race.

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What causes white spots on fingernails? 

White spots or spots on your nails are normal. Many problems can affect them. Probable factors may include:

  1. Allergic conditions

An allergy to nail polish, gloss, hardener, or nail polish remover can create white spots on nails. The use of acrylic or gel nails will also do significant damage to your nails which can trigger these white spots.

  1. Fungi

Popular nail fungus, called white superficial onychomycosis, can occur on the toenails. A few tiny white spots on the nails can be the first indication of the infection.  The infection can emerge and migrate to the nail bed. Toenails could become flaky and become dense and fragile.

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  1. Injury of the nail
White Spots On Nails

Injury at the root of your fingernail can create white spots or dots on your nail as it continues to grow. Nevertheless, because of the time required for your fingernails to heal, you may not remember the accident. Many of the injuries will not arrive for four weeks or longer.

Popular causes of nail injuries include:

  • Shut your fingers in the lock
  • Hitting your finger with a hammer
  • Strike the nails on a counter or a desk

Frequent manicures can also inflict damage to the nails resulting in these white spots. The pressure exerted by the manicurist will affect the nail beds.

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  1. Minor deficiency

You can find white spots or dots around your nails if you have a deficiency in some minerals or vitamins. The defects most often associated with this problem are zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency.


Diagnosis of white spots on nails

If your white spots are rare and you believe they are most likely due to injuries, you will never need to see your doctor about the problem. Just be careful not to inflict harm or avoid the activities that you think is responsible for the hurt.

If you find that the spots are chronic or worse, it might be time to visit a doctor. Many of the complications that could cause white spots are quickly treated until diagnosed.

Your doctor will check your nails and your hands or legs at your appointment. Based on their findings, they can make a diagnosis and give a prescription.

If they are unclear about the condition, a variety of studies might be requested to eliminate potential causes. This is particularly true if your doctor believes that a vitamin or mineral deficiency is accountable for white spots on your nails.

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How to treat white spots on fingernails?

  1. Allergic symptoms

Avoid using a polish, gloss, or nail substance that you believe might be liable for the allergic response. If you proceed to show signs of an allergic reaction after you stop using the products, contact the doctor.

white marks on nails
Source: Cosmopolitan
  1. Fungi

Oral antifungal medicine is the most effective treatment, though certain clinicians will also recommend topical antifungal therapy. The average length of therapy is three months and it is necessary to use the treatment over the prescribed period. Otherwise, you will not be able to properly cure the infection.

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  1. Nail wounds

Some of the nail injuries just require time to recover. As the nail expands, the damage spreads up the nail pad. The white spots will vanish completely with time.

  1. Cosmetic treatment

If the discoloration of your nails is troubling, even if you’re looking for a temporary solution to cover them up, use nail polish. Skin tone-colored nail polish is a natural way to conceal the spots. And bright polishes are enjoyable and show a lot of personalities.

Treatment will rely on the origin of the white spot. If the doctor is unsure about the cause, multiple measures can be used to help them diagnose the following:

  • Mycology: where fungi and nail clippings are submitted to research.
  • Nail biopsy: in which a doctor extracts a small piece of skin for examination
  • A blood test to determine the existence of a chronic illness

There is no cure for white spots of their own. Many that have been caused by trauma would inevitably develop out of time.

If they are caused by something other than injuries, the doctor will need to determine the cause and handle it individually.

For most people, white spots on fingernails or toenails are nothing more than a frustrating spot. They are hardly signs of major disorders, and most of them vanish on their own without medication.  If you’ve seen the spots and are nervous, don’t think about it. A fast visit to the doctor will help you clear up the spots and answer any potential questions you might have. Most of the treatments are quick and efficient.