Tired of dry skin in winters? Well, we all are. Despite all the charms of the cold season, one thing that goes terribly wrong with is our skin. The cool air blowing in the winters wipes away all the moisture when it crosses our faces, leaving them extremely dry and itchy. Sometimes, this dry winter skin might also grow worse to give rise to more severe conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

In such weather, you must take adequate care of your skin, and prevent it from getting excessively dry or contracting any kind of infections due to this. We are here to help you with some tips that are sure to work well with your winter skin.

Skincare tips for winters: Take care of winter skin

Have a look at some of the best skincare tips that will help you keep your skin healthy during the cold and dreary season.

  • Do not use excessively hot water:

A hot shower seems to strip your body of stress and make you feel extra cosy. However, despite the charm it comes with, bathing with hot water is actually not good for your skin. Hot water tends to make your skin extremely dry, and you might even develop cracks or eczema if you do not moisturize it immediately. 

Hence, it is advised that you take a shower with lukewarm water in the winter season. Moisture with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, since these elements contain certain anti-drying and moisturizing properties.

  • Humidifier:

The reason for the skin getting extremely dry in winters is the lack of moisture. This lack of moisture can be provided for by the use of a humidifier. You can run a modifier in the rooms or places you spend most of the time, and this will surely help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

  • What works fine for the rest of the year might not be fine in the cold:

Your regular skincare routine might be very well designed for other seasons of the year. However, winters might require a little extra care in the form that you’d be required to use cream-based cleansers and toners quite minimally. Products that contain fragrances and alcohol must be avoided in the winter season since they tend to enhance the dryness and itchiness of the skin even more.

What you must use in the cold is a moisturizer. Plus, you must also not forget your lips that get extremely dry during the season, and sometimes even start cracking. a moisturizing balm or a petroleum jelly is a must to keep your smooth lips from getting chapped in the season.

Winter Skin
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  • Avoid too much exfoliation:

Your skin barrier is already compromised during winters, which is why a lot of exfoliation can be bad for the skin. Exfoliating your skin once a week would work in your favor, rejuvenating your skin and destroying dead cells. But you shall take care that the count doesn’t go too high.

  • A good diet is key to good skin:

No matter what season it be, or what type of skin you might have, a good diet will always be one of the perfect factors that control your skin and its quality. You must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and go for food items like milk, salads, juices, etc. you can also eat berries in the winter season, which will provide for the antioxidants and vitamins your body and your skin requires to stay healthy and glowing.

  • Exercise to the rescue:

A little exercise every day helps with the increased circulation of blood in the body, which means more pumping of blood to the organs and the skin. This way, exercise helps in maintaining the freshness of your skin intact and keeping the dryness away. 

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Well, we know how tough a job it seems to be to get out of your cosy blankets and exercise in such cold. However, once you start doing it, we’re sure you yourself would love warming up your body a little, every day.

  • Don’t say NO to your sunscreen:

Do not go with the notion that the sun does not pose any damage to your skin on dry, dreary days. The harmful UV rays of the sun can still very well permeate the clouds and cause sufficient damage to your skin. This is why you must not get completely rid of your sunscreens during the winter skin. Make sure you remember to apply a moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out, to all the parts of your body that will be exposed to the sunlight.

  • Clothing:

One important factor that might be greatly contributing to your itchy or dried skin is the type of clothing you’re wearing.

Rough and woollen clothing shall be avoided to be worn on bare skin since these fabrics might make your skin itch even more. When you have to wear heavy pullovers, the best thing is to wear a light, soft fabric underneath that will remain in touch with your skin. To protect the skin of your hands, you can always wear gloves as well. Remember to choose a fabric that isn’t rough enough to make your skin even drier than it already is.

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Wearing wet clothes in winters can also cause itchiness and irritation on your skin. Hence, if you get wet by chance, make sure that you change your clothes and dry yourself as soon as possible.

  • Drink your water:

Well, you must have heard beauty experts rave about the importance of hydration for the skin. Well, clearly, being hydrated should be number one on your list, irrespective of what season it is. 

In winters particularly, the air is quite dry which naturally makes the water from the skin evaporate a little too quickly. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to drink adequate water, eat fruits and other items with high water content, and keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

We hope these skincare tips for winter help you, and you follow them well to keep your skin healthy, and devoid of all dryness and irritation.