The ancient stereotype reminds us that “tall, dark, and handsome” are the most attractive guys while short guys aren’t good enough, and empirical evidence shows that straight women appear to choose lovers who are indeed taller than them. 

Another research showed that, on average, the satisfaction of females with the real height of their husband was higher when he was at least 21 cm taller than her. Correspondingly, for a woman who was 8cm shorter than their partner, men’s happiness was highest. Women not only like taller guys; they tend to prefer a higher disparity in height than men. 

Visualize this: The recent rom-com movie’s incredibly handsome male star bends in to kiss his similarly beautiful female lead. And that something is off, he is shorter than she is. However, you just are not expected to pick up on that. And though the male lead in consideration is actually shorter than his female equivalent, no real Hollywood romantic worth its salt will stage such a scene. 

In this cinematic world, all sorts of camera angle tricks, as well as high-tech (CGI) and low-tech methods (the actor actually standing on a platform) can be used to accomplish that everything is appropriate, which implies that a man is still going to be only a little taller than his female partner. 

The golden rule of heterosexual pair height is simply the slight gap, a satisfying proportion whose existence rises so much that we do not even know it is there, well, unless it isn’t. And where there is not the height disparity, watch out, gentlemen. Dating conversations online can be cut short between otherwise promising matches. In group DMs and emails, jokes would be made, as well. In the minds of others, being a short guy tends to mark you as inadequate, without any substantial reason to back it with. 

What is the huge deal regarding height, though? Why are people opting after tall men? In and by itself, reaching the 6 ‘threshold does not bring any real benefits except, say, being able to access stuff on the top shelf. There is nothing intrinsically better about being tall. 

So why do girls like tall guys?

The choice of taller men by women could suggest a desire for men who are more dominant, which could be due to how our minds have been formed by biological evolution. In fact, this may have affected our society and the perceptions that perpetuate the expectation of a man is taller than his female companion. 

Women often seem to display a bias for signs of superiority in males, such as brute presence and male facial characteristics, in addition to the inclination for height. Jordan Peterson, the notorious psychologist, went as far as saying that women dislike harmless guys. 

Short Guys

Big, dominant males will provide greater security from other men to their partners and children, and have probably been better suppliers of food and other services in our human evolution. This means that, in Darwinian words, it is optimal for women to be drawn to certain men and to select them as mates. 

Evidence confirming this claim has revealed that women are much more likely to choose physically powerful and superior males with a greater threat of violence. Furthermore, for taller men, women who rank lower on superiority display a greater choice.

The desire for bigger and more powerful men, sadly, comes at an expense. Such men often face the risk of focusing their hostility on their partners, although they can shield their partners from other men. 

Women are theoretically more susceptible to their partner’s physical and sexual dominance by preferring larger and more dominant men. Statistical data on violence revealed that a majority of victims of intimate partner murder are female.

Where does the short height man stand in the crowd of tall men then?

However, if you are wondering, ‘do girls like short guys?’ There is good news coming. Now, if you are not one of the genetically blessed men with a height of over 6 feet, there is actually no need to worry. 

The statistics in question determine the choices of the women in respect to the height of their partners without any consideration to other factors like their bond, the emotional aspects, and the financial aspects of these men. All things considered, the height of the tier partner is probably a negotiable consideration for women. 

So you are a guy who may not be the tallest, and you are curious if you would stick out from big ones. Here are a few tips to do so and make you stand out as a better choice over taller men:

Dress right: 

Being a short guy doesn’t mean that you cannot impress women with your looks. There is something really appealing about a guy who can be very presentable to a girl’s eye. This doesn’t imply that you need to be extravagant and wear high-end ticket pieces, but the smartest way you can do that is to be neat and clean and fashionably sound. 

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Be truthful: 

It’s all about being straightforward and putting up with a woman’s witty banter. Often men are too reluctant to express what is on their hearts, but when they do so in a polite way, it tells the woman he is not afraid to do what he intends. 

Worry less about yourself: 

Height doesn’t really describe you as a human, and if you believe you do, you ought to change that and ace your faith. As I said before, this is what women can experience. If you do not have the confidence you desire, you can easily put a woman you want on a pedestal. The key is to be confident and love yourself, only then could you be loved by others.

It is not inherently accurate, at the end of the day, that women prefer boys who are tall as a norm. Rather, they want guys who they can, trust, and someone who makes them feel comfortable and confident. 

There is always someone out there ready to see the person behind your physical traits and fall in love with your inner self. We should question societal values that discredit those that do not stick to the status quo. We should cultivate ideals that intentionally compensate for the defects in our existence. 

This might lead to a more egalitarian world, where women would not even feel the need to defend themselves. We will, hopefully, change our society.

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