With air contamination hitting an unsurpassed high, it’s imperative to bring yoga into your day-to-day schedule. Indeed, even a brief yoga routine will help fortify your lungs, cleanse your nasal entry and help you battle toxins. We can’t pressure enough upon the significance of this daily practice, particularly with PM levels noticeable so high all around. 

Breathing is the existence of life

As per yoga, breath or ‘prana’ is the existence force or the essential energy of life. It is the essential life force that controls our life. The breathing activities in yoga can fortify our energy and our wellbeing. Practicing yoga for the lungs can be perhaps the most ideal approach to keep your lungs and body solid. 

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The day-by-day practice of yoga can help in fortifying the muscles of the chest, increase lung capacity and lift oxygen admission. Yoga for the lungs helps in keeping your lungs solid and healthy by consequently improving your breathing and oxygen consumption. Pranayama and other yogic stances can help in actuating the air-cells of the lungs and reinforce the lungs. 

Pranayama or yogic breathing includes stomach, thoracic and clavicular breathing which helps in overseeing your breath, appropriate breathing propensities and increment oxygen admission. The standing asanas can reinforce the back muscles and expand oxygenation and lung limit. 

Yoga for lungs

Practice these yoga exercises to reinforce the muscles of the chest and improve the wellbeing and working of the lungs: 

  1. Sukhasana (Cross-legged Sitting Pose): 
yoga exercise for lungs

Sit in an ordinary meditation posture. Hold your left wrist with your other hand behind the back. Keep on breathing in while pulling your shoulders back and stretching your chest. While bowing forward, breathe out and attempt to contact your right forehead to your right knee. Breathe in and get back to the beginning position. Repeat the means and proceed on the opposite side by contacting your forehead to one side knee. 


Sukhasana is vital on account of lung peculiarities. It animates the bloodstream to the lungs and cleans out the destructive poisons from the lung muscles. This asana builds your concentration and focuses as well as helps treat respiratory problems and hack and cold indications. Rehearsing it routinely additionally lessens pressure and nervousness. 

  1. Bhujangasana: 

Lay level on your stomach and spot your head on the ground. Keep both your hands on one or the other side of your shoulders. Gradually, put the focus on your palms and lift your body from the middle while extending your back and midsection muscles. Fix your arms and keep your shoulder bones squeezed against your back. Fix look at a point on the roof and hold this stance for around 15-30 seconds and breathe out as you get back to the beginning position. 


The cobra presence improves mental tranquility as well as reinforces the brain and assists stretch with an excursion to the chest and lungs. It likewise helps in calming sciatica, reinforces the spine, and gives alleviation asthmatic implications. 

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  1. Matsyasana: 
yoga exercise for lungs

Lie on your back and overlay your arms under your body. Lift your head and chest up, take in, and afterward, rest the crown of the head on the ground while curving your back. Keep up the equilibrium of your entire body utilizing your elbows. Breathe in and breathe out profoundly opening up the chest. Keep up this situation however long you are comfortable. 


This pose advances profound breathing by extending and reinforcing the lung muscles. It additionally bolsters the body equilibrium and helps in better flow and circulation of blood all through the body. 

  1. Padma Sarvangasana: 

Start with an upheld headstand. While you inhale out, crease your legs and cross them to bring your left lower leg onto the correct thigh and your correct lower leg onto the left, supporting the back with your hands. Stand firm on this foothold for a couple of sequential breaths or as long as you can hold, unfurl your legs, and gradually bring down your body. 


The reversed Lotus presents aides in the appropriate extension of the chest and permits simpler entry of the air to the lungs. Bending the upper side of the body goes about as a back rub for the inside organs, which thus helps in better removal of poisons from the body. It likewise improves balance and fortifies the regenerative and sensory systems. 

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana: 
yoga for lungs

Sit straight with your legs loosened up and feet together. Curve your right leg and spot the impact point of your right foot adjacent to one side hip. Immediately, take the left leg over your right knee. Spot your right hand to your left side foot. Curve the abdomen, shoulders, and neck to one side and look over the left side shoulder. Stand firm on the situation and proceed with taking in and out tenderly. Gradually return to the first beginning position and rehash similarly on the opposite side. 


This asana is incredibly valuable in giving help from breathing troubles, stress, and strain. The winding of the upper side of the body incites profound breathing and consequently upgrades the muscles of the lung and helps in a better course of oxygen in the lung depression. It likewise helps in boosting the invulnerable framework and soothing back torment and solidness from between the vertebrae. 

  1.  Anulom Vilom 

It’s practically impossible to talk about yoga for lungs and leave out this exercise. For this you need to sit in a comfortable stance with your spine straight, close your eyes and take a couple of full breaths. The fingers of your right hand ought to be in the Vishnu mudra-the forefinger and center finger twisted into the palm and the other three fingers pointed outwards. Carry your correct hand to your nose, keeping the left hand on your knee. 

Breathe in from your left nostril, keeping the correct nostril shut, and afterward close the two nostrils, holding the breath for a couple of moments. Breathe out entirely from this nostril. Take in from the right nostril, hold the breath for a second and breathe out totally from the left nostril. This is one round, proceed for two minutes. Because of its great benefits, it is probably the most popular yoga exercise for the lungs.

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